Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Texas

Summers in Texas can get pretty warm. That’s why residents have come up with different ways to beat the heat. Many enjoy chowing down on some cold treats, while others want to take a dip in the water.

You can sail out to sea if you have a boat and let the cooling breeze ward off the summer heat. Of course, sailing out to sea without insurance may give you a cold sweat instead of helping you relax.

Don’t set sail without securing protection for your boat first. Partner with us at the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency, and we’ll provide the boat insurance policy you need. Our plans are available to all Willis, TX residents, so go ahead and check them out!

Why Do Texas Residents Need Boat Insurance?

When it comes to insurance, most people immediately ask if a particular policy is required. Notably, boat insurance is not required in the state of Texas.

Does that mean that you should pass on purchasing a policy? The decision is ultimately up to you. Still, there is a strong case for getting boat insurance regardless of whether it’s required or not.

Seas and lakes aren’t as congested as city roads, but they may still turn into accident scenes. That is especially likely if you’re around new boat owners.

Boats are expensive. Getting one repaired following an accident can drain your bank account. Avoid putting yourself in that compromising position by picking up boat insurance.

How Does Boat Insurance Protect You?

Boat insurance policies can provide wide-ranging coverage. They can provide protection for different parts of your boat, including the most susceptible to damage.

You can also benefit from provisions similar to the ones found in auto insurance policies. In the event of an accident, your policy could also save you from incurring massive debt.

Heading out to sea with no boat insurance is an enormous and unnecessary risk. Work with us at the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency and purchase your boat insurance plan before you set sail.

We have plans suitable for all Willis, TX residents. Give us a call today so we can craft your ideal boat insurance policy.