Home Insurance in Texas

If you are a homeowner in Texas or looking to purchase a home soon, there are some things to keep in mind when you are searching for your policy or making an upgrade. A home insurance policy comprises several features, all of which can benefit a homeowner.

What is Required?

While the state of Texas does not require home insurance, your lenders will. If you are carrying a mortgage on your home from a bank or any other type of lender, you can expect full coverage of home insurance included on the contract.

What is Home Insurance?

A home insurance policy will consist of three different groups: comprehensive, structural protection, and liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

While Willis, TX is not the most dangerous place in Texas, there is still potential for crime. If your home or one of the structures on your policy falls victim to one of these crimes, your comprehensive coverage will help with any property damage or loss you may have incurred.

Structural Protection

If your home or other property has been damaged due to events out of your control, then you can get the renovations covered with your insurance policy. This is often used for natural disasters, accidental fires, and other events. It is not just for your home, but any other building or structure listed on the property.


Sometimes having guests over can turn a happy event sour. If someone gets hurt on your property due to your negligence, you could be sued for damages and medical expenses. This is important for families with small children and pets that could bite.

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