Auto Insurance in Texas

Every new driver is advised to get an auto insurance policy. State law will also require you to have certain limits of coverage to drive legally.

You can get in serious trouble if you neglect to secure insurance for your car. Avoid placing yourself in that situation by getting your policy from the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Willis, TX. We are here to help all Texas residents find their ideal policy, so do not hesitate to reach out.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the importance of an auto insurance policy by reading on.

Steer Clear of Legal Issues by Getting Auto Insurance

Texas motorists need to know that auto insurance is not an optional purchase. If you intend to use your vehicle on the road, you will need to get a policy first.

Texas specifically requires drivers to provide proof that they can pay for any potential accident they cause. Arguably the easiest way to meet that requirement is to get an auto insurance policy. You can get into serious trouble if you fail to comply with that obligation.

Any motorist using their vehicle without insurance will be issued a ticket. After that, the court in their area may also hit them with a fine of up to $350 fine. Things can still get worse from there. Drivers caught without insurance multiple times may be hit with a fine of up to $1,000. A repeat offender may also get their driver’s license suspended.

Save Yourself from Financial Woes by Purchasing Auto Insurance

The fact that auto insurance can save you from hefty fines and license suspensions should be a compelling enough reason to get a policy. If you still aren’t convinced, remember that they can save you money as well.

Your insurance policy can save you from making a potentially enormous payout. The policy you have also covers bodily injuries and property damage. You’ll be protected in more ways than one if you have that valuable policy.

Are you a Willis, TX resident who is in need of auto insurance? If so, the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency can assist. Reach out to us today, so we can start drawing up your new policy.