Classic Car Insurance in Texas

Here in Willis, TX, we love our cars and want the best insurance to protect them. Some of our clients want to protect their "babies" even more. We're referring to those who own and cherish their classic cars.

What Makes a Car a Classic Car?

Texas doesn't consider a car classic until it has reached the age of 25. However, depending on whom you talk to and what insurers you consult, the term classic can refer to an antique car over 25 years old or any vehicle that's at least 10 years old and holds a place in automotive history. While we're talking about cars that are considered classic, don't forget about special or limited edition cars dating back as far as 1980, and custom, replica, or reproduction cars.

Insurance Requirements and Options

Texas mandates that you purchase, at the very least, bodily injury coverage and property damage liability. But naturally, you'll want additional coverage even if it rarely leaves your garage since it takes but one fender bender to find out that repairs can be complicated and costly. For this reason, you'll want the extra protection that classic car insurance will give you.

Although classic car insurance offers the same options you have in standard car insurance, it will set limits on the mileage you put on it and require that you do the maintenance required to preserve its original or restored condition. Other than that, your policy will function much like the insurance you have on your other cars, i.e., collision, personal injury, collision, and liability.

You might also consider adding comprehensive coverage to protect it from vandals and thieves, not to mention animals and falling objects you might encounter on your way to classic car shows or rallies. Classic car insurance policies offer agreed value coverage which you and your insurance company settle on before you purchase the policy. So there will be no haggling over depreciation after a claim.

About the Cost

Classic car insurance doesn't cost as much as standard car insurance in most cases. But since each classic car is unique, there is no set rate table you can access online. Premiums will be based on the make, model, mileage, and age. If you're considering purchasing the classic car of your dreams, the best thing is to come and visit Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency so one of our knowledgeable agents can go over the details with you.