Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Customized Bikes?

In short, it’s not hard to get coverage for your customized motorcycle in Willis, TX. There are a few terms that can help you better understand your motorcycle coverage options.

Agreed Value, Actual Cash Value, and Replacement Cost

To insure a bike, the insurance company needs to determine its value. A motorcycle depreciates in value, much like a car. Replacement cost, or the amount it would take to buy a replacement, is often higher than the value.

The insurance company will determine the actual cash value or agreed value to determine what they’d pay in a claim. Actual cash value is an evaluation of the cash worth of the bicycle. This evaluation factors in modifications, damage, depreciation, and wear and tear. In some circumstances, it may not be simple to come to an actual cash value. In that case, a fair agreed value would be set between the owner and the insurance provider. The skilled staff of Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency can help you determine which applies to your bike.

Coverages for Custom Motorcycles

Some motorcycle coverages will be familiar. Those collision, comprehensive, and liability. Bikes insured in Willis TX require at least liability. Others you may be less familiar with but are handy to have:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured: Covers you should another driver damage your bike without the insurance to cover it.
  • Roadside: Call for a tow, tire, or gas in a pinch.
  • Custom Parts & Equipment: This covers the price for valuable aftermarket or custom parts and equipment that exceeds basic motorcycle coverage.

Consider Seasonal Coverage

For fair-weather cruisers, consider seasonal coverage applies four to six months out of the year. Seasonal coverage is a great way to save if your bike spends its winters in the garage.

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