Do small businesses need commercial insurance and commercial vehicle insurance?

Small business owners understand the importance of controlling their risks, and most understand the role insurance plays in managing their business’s potential liabilities. However, small business owners sometimes believe their personal insurance policies can cover business risks, particularly when it comes to auto insurance. If you are a small business owner and want to avoid that mistake, contact the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency team, serving the Wilis, TX area, to structure a commercial insurance plan that fully covers your business needs.

Commercial Versus Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Most small business owners recognize they need commercial insurance covering general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial property. Typically, they also obtain the appropriate commercial coverage for their industry or profession. Unfortunately, some fail to acquire the right coverage for the motor vehicles used for business activities, particularly regarding passenger vehicles.

For example, think about a small business owner involved in an accident while driving a client to lunch following a business meeting. If the accident results in a client injury, the business owner’s personal insurance policy will not cover those expenses. The individual policy also would not cover damages if the accident involved another vehicle or the injuries passengers in the other vehicle might suffer.

An insurance company might unknowingly cover a fender bender, but accidents that result in substantial liability are investigated thoroughly and are not covered when found to be business-related. Talk to your agent and ensure you have proper coverage for your risks.

Working with Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency

Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency handles the business and personal insurance needs of many small business owners in Wilis, TX. Please stop in or call us today at 936-249-0023. Let us help you build an insurance plan to protect your business and assets.