Can Commercial Insurance Cover Stolen Equipment?

At Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Willis, TX, we help our clients navigate commercial insurance for businesses of all sizes. As a business owner, one of your greatest challenges may be theft from your business. Many retailers and small businesses experience theft on a small scale and even a large scale. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon issue for businesses.

As a result, insurance companies like ours do the best we can to help our clients recover from this problem when it strikes. Every commercial insurance policy has different limits and terms that you’ll want to review before filing a claim for theft. Still, the frequency of this issue makes theft coverage a typical aspect of many commercial insurance policies.

Does commercial insurance cover theft?

While every commercial insurance policy may have terms and limits that are specific to that policy, it’s safe to say that a great number of commercial insurance policies cover theft. This is because stolen items are a regular occurrence for many businesses. From valuable fixtures in your store to inventory on the floor, your business has a range of items that are at risk of theft. While thieves and those responsible for stealing items might not consider how it impacts a business, business owners will feel the financial toll that stealing takes on their business over time. 

Without a commercial insurance policy that provides protection against theft, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in theft without any means of recovering that loss. Some insurance policies, like auto insurance policies, don’t provide coverage for theft. This is why having commercial auto insurance for company vehicles may better protect you against theft. 

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