Do You Really Need Boat Insurance? Yes!

As the owner of a boat, there are a lot of things you need to do to protect yourself and your watercraft. One way to get this protection is to get boat insurance. Because of the danger of boating accidents and other incidents, every boat owner needs to have this coverage. When you need this protection, you can call us at Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Wilis, TX.

Boating Accidents

Like vehicle accidents on the road, boating accidents often happen on waterways. Many people don’t think much about boating accidents until they happen. Once they do happen, you could end up owing a lot of money if you’re at fault for the accident. Getting boat insurance can protect you against many of these costs. The minimum that you should have is bodily injury liability and property damage liability. These work much like auto insurance and keep you safe from having to pay huge amounts for boat damage or injuries. With the high cost of medical care, it’s always important to have this coverage in case of accidents. You should also carry collision coverage so that the damage to your own boat can be covered. 

Other Boat Dangers

There are plenty of other things that can happen to your boat and cause it to become damaged. Some of these happen when the watercraft isn’t in the water. To protect against these events, you need to have comprehensive coverage in your boat policy. This will pay to repair or replace your boat when something serious happens to it on land. 

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Umbrella Insurance for Your Home and Auto Policies

If you have a home insurance policy and an auto policy, you may feel well protected against many of the risks you face. However, you might not have the coverage you need if there were to be a severe accident. These can cost an enormous amount, and your home and auto policy may not have enough liability coverage to pay for the damages. That’s why so many people choose to get an umbrella policy to add to their coverage. If you need an umbrella policy to make sure you’re better covered, call us at Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Wilis, TX.

More Liability Coverage

The liability coverage that you get with your home and auto policies is often too low to pay for an expensive accident. When you get umbrella insurance, it puts more liability coverage on both of these policies. Umbrella policies come with an enormous amount of coverage, and this makes up for the low coverage in the other two policies. This means that when a serious accident happens, and the bills are sky-high, they can still get paid by insurance instead of being paid from their own pockets. 


The main risk of not having umbrella insurance is that after a serious accident, your home or auto policy won’t be able to pay for the resulting bills. When this happens because you have only a small amount of liability coverage, it creates an overage after the home or auto policy has been paid and maxed out. This overage is what an umbrella policy would pay for you. This ensures that you won’t be left with a huge bill after your insurance maxes out. 

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Floods Can Happen Anywhere, but Flood Insurance Offers Protection

Even in climates that are typically pretty dry, flooding is possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to assess your risk and determine whether flood insurance is right for you. If you’re in the Willis, TX area, Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency can help you learn about this important type of insurance and understand your risk. Then you can make an informed choice and have increased peace of mind.

Flood Insurance Protection

Anywhere it can rain, it can flood. It may seem more likely in climates where there’s more rainfall, but that’s not always true. A drier climate can have flooding risks because the ground doesn’t absorb rain as quickly. If there’s a strong storm, the water doesn’t get soaked up fast, and it has to go somewhere. That’s where flash flooding often comes from, especially during the later summer months when monsoons are more common.

To help protect your family and your assets, you may want to make sure you have all the right insurance coverage. That often includes protection from unlikely events that are still possible, such as floods. You can generally get this kind of coverage for a good value if you’re not in a flood zone because your risk of a claim is low. Most insurers understand that and will provide you with quotes that can meet your needs.

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If you’re in the Willis, TX area and looking for help with a flood insurance policy, Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency can answer your questions. We’ll work with you to find the policy that fits your situation, so you can feel comfortable and protected for the long term. You don’t want to put one of your largest assets at risk when it’s easy to avoid it. Reach out to us today to find a great flood policy.

Four rules to follow when you buy life insurance

Getting life insurance is important for your family’s financial future. At Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency, we sell consumers in Willis, TX life insurance policies that allow them to be prepared for the uncertainties of the future.

When consumers buy life insurance, It’s important for them to avoid mistakes that could lead to negative consequences for their families down the road.

The following are four rules to follow when you buy life insurance:

Learn about the different kinds of life insurance before choosing one

Understanding different types of life insurance is crucial before buying a policy. When you understand the features of different policy types like term and whole life insurance, you can decide what type of policy is best for your family’s unique financial situation.

Take the time to assess your life insurance needs

You need to calculate the right amount of coverage for your family. Making the right decision about how much coverage you need requires you to calculate the future expenses of your beneficiaries.

You want to purchase a policy with enough coverage to allow your surviving beneficiaries to maintain their lifestyle and stay comfortable financially for as long as they are dependent on your income.

Provide accurate information when applying for life insurance

Make sure that all the information you put on life insurance applications is accurate and truthful. Leaving out important information or including misleading information could make it so that a claim on your policy is rejected down the road.

Discuss life insurance with beneficiaries

If there are adult beneficiaries on your policy, you should inform them when you take out a life insurance policy. This way, they’ll know that a claim needs to be filed if you pass away unexpectedly.

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We’re here to assist you with all your life insurance questions. Call us at Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency to learn more about life insurance and to get a quote on a policy that will protect your family in Willis, TX.

Can Commercial Insurance Cover Stolen Equipment?

At Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Willis, TX, we help our clients navigate commercial insurance for businesses of all sizes. As a business owner, one of your greatest challenges may be theft from your business. Many retailers and small businesses experience theft on a small scale and even a large scale. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon issue for businesses.

As a result, insurance companies like ours do the best we can to help our clients recover from this problem when it strikes. Every commercial insurance policy has different limits and terms that you’ll want to review before filing a claim for theft. Still, the frequency of this issue makes theft coverage a typical aspect of many commercial insurance policies.

Does commercial insurance cover theft?

While every commercial insurance policy may have terms and limits that are specific to that policy, it’s safe to say that a great number of commercial insurance policies cover theft. This is because stolen items are a regular occurrence for many businesses. From valuable fixtures in your store to inventory on the floor, your business has a range of items that are at risk of theft. While thieves and those responsible for stealing items might not consider how it impacts a business, business owners will feel the financial toll that stealing takes on their business over time. 

Without a commercial insurance policy that provides protection against theft, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in theft without any means of recovering that loss. Some insurance policies, like auto insurance policies, don’t provide coverage for theft. This is why having commercial auto insurance for company vehicles may better protect you against theft. 

If you’re ready to protect your business, call us at Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency in Willis, TX today.

Five Surprising Benefits Of Home Insurance

Most residents in Willis, TX understand the value of their home insurance policy. It’s a good investment should anything expected occur. At Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency, we take pride in helping our clients get their needs. Have you ever thought about what home insurance can do for you?

There are surprising benefits that we’ll look at in more detail below:

1. Provides Temporary Living Should You Need It

Nobody wants to think about the total loss of their home. However, it’s always something you should be prepared for, just in case. A home insurance policy will reimburse you for living expenses if a total loss occurs.

2. Protection From Lawsuits

Did you know your home insurance policy could protect you from lawsuits? It sounds strange, but if someone is injured on your property and they decide to sue, you will be covered by the policy.

3. Benefits People With Travel Jobs

Many of us are on the road constantly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about your home while you’re away? That’s what a home insurance policy does for you.

4. Insurance Other Structures

Many homes have additional parts of the property, like a shed or detached garage. These areas can also be included in your home insurance policy.

5. Peace of Mind

Finally, you can’t underestimate the importance of living in your home without worry. A house is a significant investment. Nobody should have to worry about protecting their home. This is where a home insurance policy comes in.

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The Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance

No matter if it’s your daily mode of transportation or your weekend ride, it’s crucial that you have the right type of insurance coverage for your motorcycle. However, with all of the different policies, providers, and terminology, it can be hard to find exactly what you need.

The team here at the Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency understands just how stressful and overwhelming shopping for insurance can be. That’s why we’ve put together a brief overview of what Willis, TX residents can expect when looking to insure their motorcycles.

Standard Coverage Types

There are a few different types of coverage that are generally considered to be standard coverage options. These are:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Medical payments coverage

Each of these plays an important role in the event of an accident and works to help cover the costs of repairs and replacements to your bike or someone else’s property, as well as medical expenses.

Additional Coverage Options

In addition to the standard types of coverage, you may choose to add coverage options that are designed for specific events and situations. These are things like

  • Total loss coverage for a new motorcycle
  • Roadside assistance and trip interruption
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Lease/loan gap coverage
  • Optional or added equipment coverage

Depending on the insurance provider you choose, there may be company-specific coverage options as well. Working with a Willis, TX insurance agency will help you look at all of your policy options so that you make the best choice for your needs.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Boat Insurance

You own a boat and want to safeguard it, but there are a few things you should know before purchasing coverage. When shopping for high-quality boat insurance, keep these criteria in mind.

Your Boat Is Not Covered By Your Home Insurance.

Your Willis, TX homeowners insurance coverage will not protect you unless you possess a canoe or another small watercraft without a motor. A separate policy is required for any boat with a motor.

Boat insurance coverage options typically mimic those found in auto insurance policies, such as personal injury and property damage liability, comprehensive and collision, uninsured/underinsured boater, and medical costs.

Boat Insurance Offers Broad Coverage

A boat insurance policy will safeguard you in the event of a tragedy. These typically involve losses such as sinking, theft, collision, storm damage, and more.

You Can Buy Optional Coverage

Optional coverage for your boat is available to safeguard you against unforeseen events. One of these possibilities is coverage for emergency services if you become trapped in the water on the side of the road.

You can also get wreckage removal insurance. It pays for the lifting or removal of a sunken vessel covered by your coverage and when required by law. Other possibilities include coverage for fuel spills and protection if you use your boat for water activities like fishing. You can also preserve personal effects, defend against ice or freezing damage, and many other things.

Some Policies Allow a Coverage Pause

You may be able to purchase a policy that allows you to discontinue coverage when your boat is not in use. While this may save you money, it also means you won’t be able to utilize your boat during this period. If something goes wrong, you’ll be on the hook because you won’t have insurance.

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Why Renters Insurance is Important

As a renter, you might think you don’t need insurance to protect your rental, but that’s a huge mistake. Just because you don’t own the building where you live doesn’t mean that it’s safe to not have insurance. 

Here at Miao Insurance Services, our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We understand the needs of renting in Pleasanton, CA and are dedicated to helping you determine the best policy possible. 

Renters Insurance Protects Your Personal Possessions

Do you have furniture or anything you couldn’t easily afford to repurchase? Fire, theft, and vandalism can destroy your belongings in an instant and is difficult to recover from emotionally and financially. If your belongings are damaged, let us worry about getting them replaced. Whether it’s furniture, hobby gear, or electronics, renters insurance will help protect your valuables.

Renters Insurance Protects You If You Lose The Usage Of Your Rental

Renters’ insurance covers a select range of hazards that could cause you to be unable to reside in your residence. In the event of a disaster, you’ll need a place to stay. With renters insurance, you’ll be able to stay in a hotel for the first few days or in a temporary rental unit. 

We Are Here To Help

At Miao Insurance Services, we understand the needs that can arise when renting in Pleasanton, CA. If a disaster strikes, let us be on your side and worry about the details. We’re here to help you and can help you learn more about renter’s policies today. We’d love to discuss your specific needs and help choose a policy that gives you the coverage you’ll need.

Flood Insurance Myths Debunked

A major part of keeping your home properly protected is understanding your insurance policy, how it works, what it covers, and what is covered. The knowledgeable insurance professionals at Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency are here to help clients in Willis, TX and the surrounding areas better understand these topics.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding flood insurance:

Myth: Your Home Insurance Policy Covers Flooding

This is a big misunderstanding many homeowners have concerning flood insurance. Your home insurance policy will cover flooding that occurs inside of your home caused by appliance or plumbing malfunction. You should understand that this is very different from flooding which results from a natural disaster.

A flood insurance policy is intended to cover natural disaster flooding or other cause of flooding from outside of the home.

Myth: You Won’t Qualify For Insurance In A High-Risk Area

There are obviously some areas of the country that are at a higher risk of flooding than others. Contrary to this myth, you can obtain flood insurance even if you live in these areas. You will need to have your flood risk professionally assessed, however.

Myth: Renters Aren’t Eligible For Flood Insurance

Renters can get flood insurance coverage for their belongings that are being housed in a rental property. You will need to sit down with an insurance professional to determine the value of your possessions to make sure you get an adequate policy. You should note that your personal items are not covered under the policy that your landlord or property manager has on the property itself.

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