Home Insurance Stats and Facts Everyone Should Know

Interested in learning more about home insurance? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover a variety of important facts and stats regarding home insurance. If you have any questions or are looking for home insurance agencies that serve Willis, TX, contact Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency. We’d be happy to provide more insights.

Vital Home Insurance Statistics and Facts

Bankrate reports that around 6% of insured homes made a claim in 2021. Roughly 97% of these claims involved property damage, with wind and hail being the most common source of damage. Even if your home hasn’t yet been damaged by adverse weather, the day may come when you’re left picking up the pieces. Fires, lightning, and water damage are also very common. Claims resulting from theft, meanwhile, totaled less than 2%.

In total, about 93% of homes are covered by home insurance. Interestingly, home insurance isn’t legally mandated in most jurisdictions like auto insurance is. Still, many mortgage lenders demand that a home be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Insurance is required because it mitigates risks for the lender.

Home insurance may also provide coverage for liability claims. For example, if someone is injured by tripping over something in your yard, they might try to sue you. Home insurance policies may provide assistance. That said, make sure you closely study plans to learn what is and is not covered. Ultimately, only about 2.3% of claims were for liabilities in 2021.

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