What is BOP Coverage?

Insurance companies understand that many business owners face similar perils, and, as such, have put together commonly needed products into a bundle. These are known as a BOP or a business owner’s policy, and your knowledgeable Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency representative can give you specifics on what is included.

What is BOP Coverage?

Willis, TX entrepreneurs are only required by law to have commercial auto insurance, but there are many good reasons to choose additional coverage. Contractors and subcontractors may often choose to work only with those who purchase indemnification, as it protects their interests. As a business owner, coverage helps shield you from financial loss.

A BOP is ideal for businesses in the small to the midsize range, and they are usually customizable, meaning you can add more covered perils to your policy.

Fire is a commonly included hazard, as this can not only raze your building to the ground, but it can also take your inventory with it. Willis TX company owners very often store their machines and other equipment in their main locations, and these items can be damaged by smoke or sprinkler systems. Hail, windstorms, and water damage from snow can also pose a problem and are often covered.

Theft and vandalism can cost you dividends, and special circumstances can render your business inoperable for a period of time, but your indemnification can substitute your income temporarily.

Basic liabilities are often a part of a BOP, and this can extend to physical injuries caused to customers, destruction of property through negligence by workers to clients’ homes, for example, or advertising mishaps, such as libel, misleading information, typos, or omissions.

Melvin Gessner Insurance Agency Can Help

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